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mettaton: undertale robot twink
metatron: archangel, heaven's scribe
megatron: transformer, head decepticon

So it's been a while coming but I'm finally losing my housing, soon. (Folk who've followed me for a while are familiar with my unusual work/housing situation, but it's... well, unusual.)

Looking for a new place for me, my partner, and our cat. Lots of mechanisms for securing housing aren't available for us, so if anyone knows of a person around the Triangle, in North Carolina, that'll work with us, please let me know.

(Boosts welcomed.)

Since I've been out of the 3D printing game for a couple of years - what is considered the best affordable bed leveling solution these days?

I recently got my old i3 knock-off back in shape and running with an Orange Pi using Octoprint. It's working quite decently, but manual bed leveling is already taking the wind out of my sails.

Don't get me wrong, I can do it just fine but it's wearing on me doing it nearly every heat/cool cycle.

Any advice is greatly appreciated!

If you’re a student and you’re dealing with school surveillance, we wrote a guide to help you assess and mitigate privacy and security risks, with tips on how to advocate for yourself and your peers. ssd.eff.org/en/module/privacy-

What a Nuclear Bomb Explosion Feels Like

The existential threat of nuclear war is no longer a Cold War memory. With nine countries armed with around 15,000 atomic bombs up to 53 times stronger than those dropped in the Second World War, the stakes are arguably higher.


@romariorios Are we talking desktop apps or all around? If it's the latter, then this test would invalidate 90% of the technology that runs most of the internet and other server infrastructure.

I'm not just being snarky... maybe there's an argument for why that is a legitimate result.

found a new candidate for cuckage of the decade, and also: a new type of guy

I'm new to having a social media presence and very nervous.

I'm a graduate of a liberal arts college and currently on leave from a Master of Social Work (MSW) program.

Passions: Disability justice and racial justice, access to education, ethics of care, free culture and free software, mental health, privacy as a human right, socialism

Interests: Backpacks, headphones, technology, watches

Television and movies: Doctor Who, Firefly, Pixar, Star Wars

Do people update #introductions as their lives change?

Nerd Nostalgia 

I'm in a reflective mood...

A PC used to cost like $8,000. We only got one in 1988 because dad was an engineer. DOS motivated me to learn to read.

I remember the day the school librarian showed us the telnet & GOPHER internet for the first time. Online access billed by the hour for <28kbps & I did extra chores for it. A friend's mom had Mosaic for genealogy on the World Wide Web. Napster slammed into the Earth like a meteor when I was 17.

I learned BASIC on a green text Apple 2 & HTML for Geocities. Installed Linux from floppies.

Moore's law was on hyperdrive and every year, PCs did brand new things. From 4 color DOS to CD-ROMs to nearly modern machines in just 10 years. Prices plummeted as it went from text adventures to DOOM to Counter-Strike.

More than 9/11 or Occupy, the most important world "event" I've been right there for has been computer technology growing from that into into the globe transforming force it is today.

It has been completely and utterly wild.

@essie oh in that case maybe try led strips and arduino? There are several phone apps to control them. You can get enough to deck out a room for less than one of the higher end rgb bulbs

@essie I bought a couple of cheaper bulbs, so it may just be the software sucks... but always seems like a hassle to use them with an app.

It's only cool when you get to show someone new who doesn't yet know how stupid you were to buy them :P

PSA: @PINE64 #PinePhone @mobian #Mobian users, please don't upgrade in the coming days, as there is a major transition going on.
More information: forum.pine64.org/showthread.ph


There’s a new issue of @UncannyMagazine out today, and I have a poem in it. It’s called ‘Cento for Lagahoos’. I hope you enjoy.


just FYI but I literally voted in a McDonalds drive thru lane this week. MOST of the ballot drop boxes are in expected places like libraries or city squares. but inexplicably in northeast portland there is a location in an actual drive thru lane at a McDonalds.

I defy you to find something more american.

@cstanhope I appreciate that reaction! ...but I don't know if it's 'wow' worthy, haha. It was really just an simple interactive 'choose your own adventure' type story with a few bells and whistles, mostly just menu driven text with a few hobbled images.

I wish I had a backup of it. Who knows, maybe someone's kid will fire up their mom/dad's old TI-82 one day and find it on there haha

Probably for the best though, as I'm sure the memories have aged better than the actual game has :P

@Catsandcatsandcats I feel your pain :/ As much animosity I have for the centrist left... Biden's appeal "Don't you just want to be able to have dinner with your family without arguments" really hits and is damn good marketing, ha.

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