This is the blog of Martijn Braam, the creator of the Megapixel app on . You should have this bookmarked if you're a Pinephone owner :)

has a usable camera on now! It's not amazing, but it works. I'm happy. Woohoo!

Just found my old iPhone 3. It's tiny, but the hand-feel is great.

You know they put a ton of effort in making that original curved back and everything feel just right... then they had to bling it up later and they started this whole trend of aesthetics over ergonomics - form over function.

Anyways, fuck Apple, my point is just that they peaked with the iPhone 3 :P

is the future baby!

DIY IR Cam on

This has a long ways to go before it's practical, but it's precisely the sort of thing that makes me excited to own a PinePhone!

I highly suggest giving a try on your !

It's by far the most stable and feature complete distro I've tried thus far. ...And I really didn't expect to be impressed & certainly didn't think I would like it more than (being the simp that I am).

No distro is perfected for this device as of yet, but this is by far the best candidate to make it a viable daily-driver at this moment.

A suckless philosophy based distro:

Demo vid:

I do like tiling wm's on desktop Linux, however I'm not a huge fan of dwm (or most things suckless) - that said, this demo has me kind of stoked!

Today should be my last day using an iPhone if the DHL tracking info is correct!

@PINE64 Is a date known yet for the current pre-orders to ship? So excited to violently murder my iphone!

Went to buy a finally and I see they’re out of stock :(

I’m aware of and but they’re a bit pricey for me... does anyone have any other suggestions I might be unaware of? | Mastodon

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