I find it both disturbing and sad to come across a profile on here (or anywhere) only to discover that this person has mostly dedicated their space to proclaiming (either directly or passive aggressively) their animosity towards another type of person or group.


What has to be going on in one's head and how do you get the point where you think "okay, this profile that is meant to be all about me and convey what I'm in to .... I'm gonna use it to bash XYZ type of person"?

@self My pet peeve on masto is block threats. Toots like "blah blah btw if you reply with blah I'll immediately block you". Like who tf cares? I read that as some sort of baiting people, and compulsively block these accounts.

Similarly, I see accounts whose bios read "don't reply me don't follow me don't tell me anything", but they don't use relevant features of masto like follower approval and default toot visibility.

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