If you're in a state that will likely be blue/red with or without your vote, maybe consider voting 3rd party instead!

Despite what vote-shame lemmings will tell you, votes for 3rd parties do have meaningful effects, such as:

- securing future funding
- increasing the likelihood of being on future ballots
- putting pressure on the dominant parties
- allowing you to sleep at night

If you're in a swing state then do what you have to do, but maybe consider the long-game otherwise :)

@self I'll do this on the day we get ranked choice voting and not a day sooner.

@cstanhope I'd like to see ranked choice too, or even a 'no confidence' option.

Like I said, I only suggest doing the 3rd party vote if one is in a state where it's pretty much decided already.

I also have a feeling that empowering 3rd parties would make the ranked choice day come sooner, but that's just speculation.

@cstanhope Also, keep in mind that a 3rd party only needs 5% of the votes to get a cut of the Dem/Rep funds the following year (if I understand this correctly).

Of course, in the USA that is no small feat, but if more people understand this and realize that it isn't just 'throwing your vote away', that number could become realistic.

I can dream anyways... :P

@self It's good to dream and to push and fight, and I can see how empowering third parties could possibly help us move towards ranked choice. Also, I hope I didn't come off as dismissive. I think I'm just extra frustrated with our electoral process at the moment. I didn't actually think that was possible, but getting two second place presidents (and possibly a third) in my lifetime managed to find new deposits of frustration.

@cstanhope No worries, I respect friendly debate/conversation :)

Also, I think we're on the same page here anyhow... I hope I was clear that I'm not encouraging anyone in a swing state, or anywhere that isn't pretty much polarized already, to vote third party! I'm not suggesting at all that it should be done with immediate expectations, but only for the long game IF you happen to live in a place where you can afford to use your vote this way safely.

@self You were clear, so no worries. But I admit am a little touchy about people second guessing the outcome to attempt to vote strategically. :/

@cstanhope I 100% respect that apprehension, it is totally rational.

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