Is it just me or would a number pad on the left be much more optimal?

I don't use the mouse a ton, but I hate how far from the main keyboard area it has to be. I'm pretty sure one would get used to thrashing numbers left-handed fairly quick.

I guess one of those minimal gaming keyboards would be perfect for this, along with an external num pad... just brainstorming though ha

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@eric Oh so it's a thing already! Thanks for the heads up! :)

@self if I was a designer I might try placing the number pad on the top.

Or even better with a clip on system and a cable recessed underneath the keyboard. So depending on how much the users normallyuses the number pad it can be placed right, left or top.

@JohanEmpa good idea! ...and just riffing off your idea but maybe instead of cable have some gold plated contacts and each part (qwerty keyboard, keypad, and the part between the keypad with the arrows and such) is a module that can be arranged in these ways. Maybe all four sides have the contacts and any configuration that makes contact is valid.

@self You should check out /r/mechanicalkeyboards and

People DIY keyboards, it seems crazy but I want to try it...

@rmgr oh, this looks like a dangerous hole for me to go down...

I'm definitely going in though! :P


@self I have tried switching mouse hands and I couldn't get used to it.

@Jakobiner when I was younger and first started getting joint problems I tried to relearn guitar left-handed.

I am not joking - I started writing words backwards and stuff. It really messed up my head. People would point out to me that I had written entire words in reverse, haha.

No real point here, you just reminded me of this :P

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