I highly suggest giving a try on your !

It's by far the most stable and feature complete distro I've tried thus far. ...And I really didn't expect to be impressed & certainly didn't think I would like it more than (being the simp that I am).

No distro is perfected for this device as of yet, but this is by far the best candidate to make it a viable daily-driver at this moment.

The 'Exceptions' section lists the pain points you may encounter. The camera is a problem for every distro I've read about.

@gemlog a promising camera development here:

I had been prepping for my in the weeks before it arrived by dusting off the old Canon camera, and it was actually really nice! I had forgotten how nice dedicated cameras are :)

@self I had the same kind of thought a while back when ppl were somehow comparing pine and fair phones. The price gap is tremendous. I reasoned that one could buy a pine phone AND a decent DSLR for the same money! :-)
Mind you, at this point, we wait for the pine to be fully functional, that's true.


the advantage with mobian, as with all distro linux, is that over time everything improves

@self I've been using Mobian on my PinePhone for the past week and it's great! If I didn't need some specific apps on my android phone and a little more battery life, I could no doubt use it as a daily driver

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