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“Often, Lawful is taken as good and Chaotic as evil, but legal and ethical do not always coincide.

Your alignment influences how other monsters react toward you. Monsters of a like alignment are more likely to be non-aggressive, while those of an opposing alignment are more likely to be seriously offended at your presence.“


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We stream movies/music, we lease cars, we rent/mortgage our shelter, we load apps in our browser for a subscription, we rent electricity, water...........

Pretty soon the Overton window is going to be so fucked that buying/owning shit is going to seem like a leftist cause!

If our ideal is communal ownership / socialized resources, the ultimate ideal of capitalism is not private ownership (that's more like centrist capitalism), but it's the idea of owning nothing and slaving for everything!

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pol, doesn't this sound familiar? 

Signs of a hybrid regime:

- The presence of external attributes of democracy (elections, multi-party system, legal opposition)
- Low degree of representation of the interests of citizens in the process of political decision-making
- Low level of political participation
- The declarative nature of political rights and freedoms
- Low level of trust in political institutions by citizens

Tired of Joycon drift and want to replace the analog sticks with better ones? It's actually pretty simple if you have the right tools, but it can be intimidating if you don't know what you're doing.

That's where I come in! In this thread, I will show you how to replace analog sticks with descriptions and pictures!

Follow along and learn how to do analog stick #JoyconRepair!

halloween jack-o-lanterns were originally made out of turnips and they were nightmare fuel

My two printer “print farm” ;p

Got the Ender 3 v2 for Xmas. Also got some PETG filaments to try out.

#peertube released its v3.0 7 hours ago. What is the top feature? LIVE STREAMING!

US Pol, impeachment take 

Pelosi will be our downfall. Impeaching Trump with just a few days left in his term is a bad idea...

Impeachment is a clear path to martyrdom and then Trump fanatics will perceive a legitimate call to violence on a scale that would make this weeks fiasco seem trite.

Any politician who cannot see this truly should not hold any office... this doesn't take a 4D chess mind to see - it doesn't even take a tic-tac-toe mind.

gone girl analysis 

mens biggest fear is something like gone girl. but she doesnt exist. laci peterson was murdered by her husband. shanann watts and her children were murdered by her husband. the whole movie is a fucking beautifully done role reversal where those women are given agency thru villainy. like obviously amy is a bad person in the movie, but that's the point is that she is a bad person that does NOT EXIST and that the opposite is true.

This is a nice intro to

I love that he gets in to just enough of the weeds to make this tut truly useful for real-world design.

FBI agents visited the house of a Michigan senator's chief of staff about legislation to ban tear gas that she discussed on a "private" Zoom call

I gotta admit, I thought this Dr. K character was just pulling some kind of meta-streamer grift, but he's got some solid logic and seems sincere. I can really relate to this.

I have a weird animosity towards people who use gun-style soldering irons... I'm not sure why.

selfie, broken glass, no eyes 

Found my old myspace profile pic... It was a weird time.

it's my birthday, can i get some boosts??? :blobcatmlem:

seriously though, if you know you have money to spare and you wanna give me a “gift,” please consider throwing some cash in the direction of a food bank that’s local to you. even small donations help! the pandemic is still ongoing and a lot of people are still struggling to afford food.

here’s a site where US folk can find a nearby food bank:

Somebody please make an AUR PKGBUILD for this amazing piece of software:

Material Maker is a PBR-based tileable procedural material creation tool made with Godot engine, that's pretty much the best open-source replacement for Substance Designer that we have.
#GameDdev #Graphics #FOSS #Textures #pbr

It sounds unconstitutional because it is. The government should not be able to buy geolocation data gathered by the apps on your phone.

DC Proud Boys 

Anybody have info from actions in DC today? Last I heard Proud Boys were attacking People of Color randomly on the street and IG is also deleting those posts. Very upsetting that the majority of leftists are still relying on IG and twitter.

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