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This whole album is licensed as:

Just clarifying, as it does show the license in each song's info but it isn't immediately obvious in the album overview.

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request for tech advice, storage 

Maybe @amolith has some ideas? ;)

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request for tech advice, storage 

Does anyone know of a setup like JBOD but with some kind of parity? Or maybe something that uses erasure coding that is appropriate for a NAS box?

I'm outgrowing RAID and am just looking for something that is more flexible and faster to rebuild.

ZFS is almost what I'm looking for, but from what I've read it isn't easy to add new drives to existing arrays.

Feeling overwhelmed here, but I know I'm ready to step out of the RAID comfort zone, ha. Any advice? :)

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Pretty sure Twitter is about to feel the wrath of fascism. How dare they impinge on the American right to disseminate lies and other blatant bullshit. Bald eagles and freedom and shit...

"The cash was flowing in, and companies around Silicon Valley and beyond adopted the same basic strategy: first, grow the user base as quickly as possible without worrying about revenue; second, collect as much data as possible about the users; third, monetize that information by performing big data analytics in order to show users advertising that is narrowly tailored to their demographics and revealed interests; fourth, profit."

- Dr #NathalieMaréchal, 2018.

incumbents vow to retaliate by fighting viciously for status quo while caving on literally everything else

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Why is it so difficult to make analog sticks these days? I have controllers from 20-30 years ago that work fine still, and yet we have four pairs of drifting Nintendo Switch controllers (including the newer and supposedly fixed ones).


DigiKam 7 is out, including a much improved ML model for organising photos!

Since using Google Photos, I've wanted this feature in all the photo apps I use.

I love my dad, but it saddens me greatly to hear some of the ignorant boomer bullshit that comes out of his mouth...

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