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“Often, Lawful is taken as good and Chaotic as evil, but legal and ethical do not always coincide.

Your alignment influences how other monsters react toward you. Monsters of a like alignment are more likely to be non-aggressive, while those of an opposing alignment are more likely to be seriously offended at your presence.“


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We stream movies/music, we lease cars, we rent/mortgage our shelter, we load apps in our browser for a subscription, we rent electricity, water...........

Pretty soon the Overton window is going to be so fucked that buying/owning shit is going to seem like a leftist cause!

If our ideal is communal ownership / socialized resources, the ultimate ideal of capitalism is not private ownership (that's more like centrist capitalism), but it's the idea of owning nothing and slaving for everything!

I could do a couple of things with my evening but I won't have done any of them if I don't do one soon

I've been watching videos at 2X all morning. Also, I keep thinking how slow time is going by today.

I'm not sure if it's just a coincidence, but I think maybe watching videos on fast is making me perceive time more slowly.

My brain enjoys this this video immensely. I've got to try this out!

80+ Blender Grease Pencil tips and tricks for beginners (All you need to get started)

LABR LIVE has just started streaming on their #owncast server! Check them out at:

live dj sets, soulful house music, dance adjacent jams

#music #dj #dance #housemusic #soulfulhouse #livesets #mashups #house #LABR

The "btw, I use Arch" meme has been eclipsed by the "btw, I distro shame to feel superior" meme.

I'm not saying the original meme wasn't justified years ago; it certainly was ...but it's dead now! If you still go around shitting on people every time they mention Arch Linux in a post YOU HAVE BECOME THE INVERTED ZOMBIE CORPSE OF THAT ORIGINAL MEME!

Have some self awareness and find some fresh memes! And consider that you don't need to shit on people to feel good about your choices.

My buddy Josh Craig is playing a live show locally and streaming on Facebook (I can confirm it works without a Facebook account).

If you like him and want to help this literal starving artist:
venmo @joshcraigmusic
cashapp $joshcraigmusic

Thanks! :)

Today I'd like to try again at explaining how nginx, the webserver software I use, works.

The main function initializes a custom cross-platform LibC implementing much of what I described as being in GHC's RunTime System & starts a daemonized mainloop. Really illustrates the need for Cosmopilitan LibC, the standard POSIX one leaves alot to be desired!

As part of this initialization it lexes the configuration file(s) it dispatches declarations to callbacks in dynamically-loaded modules.


So apparently MySQL support in Postfix is now handled via another package under Arch Linux. Just realized I wasn't getting mail the last 2 days and that was why. I really need to pay more attention when I update haha.

My buddy Josh Craig is playing a live show locally and streaming on Facebook (I can confirm it works without a Facebook account).

If you like him and want to help this literal starving artist:
venmo @joshcraigmusic
cashapp $joshcraigmusic

Thanks! :)

I hate living in a world where most humans focus more on their phones than the people that are attempting to spend time with them...

Toy Soap & Holder For Kids Play Kitchen

I liked "Fightclub", but my daughter really had her heart set on the soap being "Cat" brand... but you can easily change it in Tinkercad, tho! :P

#fedihive help please,
many moons ago i came across a modern tool that was perfect as a replacement for sshfs - namely to mount a remote folder as a drive but that it would persist across laptop's power suspends and migrations to different (wifi) networks - local/public...

i lost the link and the name. it's almost like a syncthing but for mounting folders instead for syncing them.

anyone has ideas what this project would be?

(pls boost)

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