I am Doctor Dae Yun KIm Ph.D.. I am also Master of Martial Arts TaeKwonDo Certified 5th Degree Black Belt from United States A. A. U. ( Amateur Athletic Union). And also I am Global Wide Travel Adventurer and World Wide Travel Explorer who Adventured and Explored about one hundred countries all over around world.

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Lusers unite! Despite the name, no loyalty or alignment with any software or technology are prerequisite - we welcome all! This instance is dedicated to inclusion and will not become yet another negative "tech" stereotype! For example, if you're not okay with people of different races or genders... please move along. If you think it's harmful for projects to adopt a code of conduct or ethical license... please move along. There are plenty of other Mastodon instances out there, and I would like to have mastodon.linuxlusers.com be one of the few Linux/open-source related instances that does not reaffirm stereotypes!